Circulation(s) Photo Studios

Every week end of the festival, you can come and be shot alone, with your family or friends, by a professional photographer, in a real temporary photo studio. You’ll get an unique signed print, and connect with the best tradition of early 1900’s photo studios.

The originality of this photo studio is the diversité of its photographers. One week end means one or two different photographers, with their personal universe. Thus, you can choose a nice XXth century traditional black&white family portrait, but you can also opt for a more quirky proposition that will make you part of an artistic project.

The Circulation(s) Festival Photo Studio is also the opportunity to experience a special moment and be part of an artistic project.


Price: €59, 1 print included. 
Crowdfunding price: €59, 2 prints included.



The next Photo Studios will take place during the 9th edition of the festival, every weekend, from April, 20th to June, 30th 2019.

The photographers and their artistic proposition will be soon available. Pre-booking during our Ulule crowdfunding campaign will open at the beginning of January.

Have a look at the 2018 Photo Studios

© Elene Usdin, Circulation(s) Studio Photo 2018