Studio Cui Cui (May 25)

The Explorer

2019Photo Studio Photographer

With an adventurous lover, sibling explorers, a philosopher father, a few lilies or a large bouquet of roses, the photographers invite you to dive into a set from the first ages of photography. Mingle with the freshness of spring vegetation, choose your timeless posture in front of an ambrotype landscape and join the time of image pioneers.




It would be better to choose plain clothes. If you want to set yourself apart from the scenery in the set and emerge from the vegetation, go for light colours (cream, white, light beige…). If you prefer the camouflage option, opt for dark khaki or camouflage prints.

About the artist

Studio Cui Cui was formed in 2010. It consists of Sébastien Randé and Aude Boissaye, both photographers passionate about the gestures, materials and tools of the first alchemists photographers. By adapting the technique of wet collodion, the large format chamber to today’s techniques, they create unique and timeless images. For this project, Studio Cui Cui is associated with photographer Luc Detours, escaped from movie sets and advertising sets. Luc expresses his affection for the achievements that tickle the imagination. He likes to produce light, elegant and joyful images.