The 14th edition of the Circulation(s) festival once again resonates with the pulsations and demands of emerging European photography. This year’s selection is punctuated by an unprecedented fluidity and an ever-stronger predilection for experimentation.

The 24 artists, from 14 different countries, rethink the image. It evolves seamlessly from still to animated, emanating from old techniques and artificial intelligence, seizing on historical and popular sources, digital or archival, personal and universal. Media and genres are porous too: literature and photography intermingle, performance and gesture feed or stretch the narrative, and video creates combinations and complementarities. 

Fluidity is also one of the themes addressed. Queer identities and pathways take form, stressing anew the need for inclusivity and representation. The forms of colonial impact and the invisibilisation of ethnic minorities are explored. The absurdity of authoritarianism is deconstructed and protest becomes matter. Both the intimate and the collective are political and remain at the heart of our programming in a desire to show, inform about and reflect the multiplicity of concerns of the emerging photographic scene.

In this context, and within a European territory marked by a long-running war, this year’s focus on Ukraine takes on its full meaning. It provides a glimpse of a photographic ecosystem that is constantly adapting and confronting the issues of identity, territory and geopolitics with strength and lucidity.

On the eve of our 15th anniversary, this edition takes the form of what the festival has become and what it stands for. Multi-directional and innovative, it reflects our appetite for plurality, fragility and perpetual transformation. In this way, it is the very image of how the festival works, supported by a collective curatorial team of 8 artistic directors, an associative structure and a team comprising mostly volunteers to whom we are deeply grateful.

Within the 2000 m2 of the CENTQUATRE-PARIS that host our event, we invite you to discover the exhibitions, which follow a new spatial concept designed in collaboration with the talented agency BigTime, and the accompanying programme of events. Enjoy your visit!