A program of meetings and exchanges between photographers and professionals proposed by the Fetart collective, artistic director of the Circulation(s) Festival. // Masterclasses are conducted in French


Saturday April 27, 2024

3pm · “Y voir clair dans le méli-mélo de la photo” – Les Filles de la Photo present the conclusions of their major consultation, with a focus on festivals.

Taking part in a festival can be an important step in a photographer’s career. But there are so many festivals out there, and so many different selection methods: how do you find your way around, how can you best target your application, and what questions should you ask beforehand?
Three photography experts, Karin Hémar, Céline Michelon and Chantal Nedjib, offer a few keys to understanding, by sharing with photographers the findings and lessons learned from the work carried out in this field for the white paper on best practices, Y voir clair dans le méli-mélo de la photo, recently published by Les Filles de la Photo. It’s a way of helping to streamline relations between all the players in the ecosystem and improve the way we work together.

  • Masterclass followed by a book signing in the CENTQUATRE-PARIS bookshop.


4:30pm · Seeing more clearly… the Circulation(s) selection process 

Two of the artistic directors of the Circulation(s) festival, Clara Chalou and Marie Guillemin, invite you to a presentation and discussion session on the selection procedures for photo festivals. The application process and the tools needed to get your work noticed will be discussed, with concrete examples and a focus on Circulation(s).


5:30pm · Thinking about the production of an exhibition

In partnership with WhiteWall.

In front of the works, in the workshop dedicated to the emerging Ukrainian scene, a discussion between a member of the festival’s artistic direction and an expert from WhiteWall, partner of the Ukraine focus.


Sunday April 28, 2024

3:30pm · The scenography in light

Lighting designer Mano Bourcart and scenographers Charlotte de Rafélis and Jimme Cloo present the different stages in the creation of the festival’s scenography and lighting, from the choice of artists to the opening to the public.

How can we meet the complexity of the specifications and highlight the singularity of the works of 25 artists, while giving the festival a strong overall identity? What creative and design tools are used? How do we communicate between the various trades to bring the exhibition to life?


4:30 pm · “Choosing the right photo paper”.

In partnership with Hahnemühle FineArt.

Understand how papers are made and learn how to choose the paper best suited to your photography.

Designing an exhibition involves a host of technical choices that can make it a complex and costly adventure for young artists. From your digital version to hanging on various formats, how do you prepare and sublimate your prints to present your work to the public? Hahnemühle, the leading paper manufacturer in the art market, will talk to us about the importance of these choices, and in particular that of paper in the final design.


5:30 pm · The photo book adventure: conception, creation, financing and distribution

With Emmanuelle Halkin from the Fetart collective, curator and independent publisher.

Many photographers aspire to create their own photo book, but don’t know where to start: what financing, what production, what distribution, self-publishing? From concept to marketing, the photo book adventure requires a few skills to better understand the publishing chain and best promote your photographic editions. – A conversation with Emmanuelle Halkin, curator and independent publisher.

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// Masterclasses are conducted in French

Free and open to all

From 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Location · CENTQUATRE-PARIS (5 Rue Curial, 75019 Paris)

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Start date : 27/04/2024

End date : 28/04/2024