2024 Workshop

CANVASS + PITCH > create opportunities   How to access distribution opportunities for a photographic project? During an intense weekend of professional prac [...]

2024 Workshop

FINALIZE + PERFECT > set your project apart   During an intense weekend of professional practice, the Fetart collective, creator and artistic director of t [...]

Call for applications 2024

THE CALL FOR APPLICATIONS IS CLOSED For the past 13 years, Circulation(s) festival has brought together the general public and professionals alike around a multi-fa [...]

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Contact : info@fetart.org   CALENDAR Call for applications: from Monday 5 June to Sunday 23 July 2023 at midnight. Pre-selection of applications by the Fetart [...]

Flea Market 2023

SATURDAY 13 & SUNDAY 14 MAY 2023 More than a hundred works put up for sale at attractive prices. Hung during previous editions of the festival, these prints are [...]

Gaze Workshop 2023

 Samedi 29 et dimanche 30 avril 2023 For the first time, Circulation(s) invites Gaze to lead a workshop around images. Gaze magazine is an independent magazine whic [...]

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Price · €300 for 2 days  8 participant max        

Workshop 2023

— During two intense weekends of professional practice, Fetart collective accompanies participants to make concrete progress on their projects in order to make the [...]

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Price · 650€ for 4 days of creation This workshop is conducted in French