The fetart collective 




Fetart is the creator and organiser of the Circulation(s) festival.

The artistic direction is fully handled by the artistic committee of the collective, composed of 10 independent curators specialised in emerging photography.

Fetart also relies on a permanent team and brings together a community of passionate volunteers with extensive expertise.

Fetart is a non-profit association that has been promoting emerging photographers and photographic diversity through exhibitions and events since 2005. A real springboard for launching the careers of artists, the collective has enabled the emergence of many talents and provided them with a first foothold in the art market.

Since its creation, Fetart has organised more than 40 exhibitions and presented more than 500 French and European artists. It organises, among other things, the Circulation(s) festival of young European photography and the Rencontres Photographiques du 10e arrondissement since 2017.

The Fetart collective is now an essential reference on the French cultural scene. A true prospective and innovative hub, the collective also supports partner organisations in their projects related to photographic creation. In particular, it has created the Caritas Photo Sociale Prize for the Caritas France Network.


Event of the Fetart collective, the Circulation(s) festival was founded in 2011 by Carine Dolek, Céline Gautier, Laetitia Guillemin, Marion Hislen, Olivia Marsaud and Audrey Turpin.






Fetart’s Artistic Committee is composed of 9 curators whose mission is to find and select the artists presented or awarded within the framework of the projects organised and co-organised by the collective. Iconographers, curators, coordinators of cultural projects, teachers at Gobelins, editors, photographers… All of them are driven by common convictions and a common vision: the unconditional commitment to emergence, the interest in exploring the new European scene, a commitment and support for young photographers, and a desire to innovate and stimulate.

The committee constitutes a unique space for exchange, protean and non-hierarchical, which gives full recognition to the other’s view. This plasticity, horizontality and inclusiveness are the strength of the committee and reinforce the singularity of the festival’s programming.




Encourage, support, share.

Fetart is driven by founding values: freedom of tone, openness to all forms of expression, the promotion of photographic diversity, the renewal of media of expression, the audacity to propose innovative thinking, access to culture and transmission to the greatest number.




Régine Hatchondo has been the president of the organisation since 6 February 2020. She succeeds Jérôme Kholer (2018 – 2019) and Marion Hislen – founder of the association (2006 – 2018).

General Secretary: Delphine Rodet

Deputy Secretary : Cécile Nauthon

Treasurer: Jimmy Pihet



The Circulation(s) festival is back for its 12th edition with a programme that reveals the vitality, creativity and diversity of emerging photography. For two months, the public will be invited to discover exhibitions presenting the work of 30 young artists from all over Europe, with a focus on the Armenian artistic scene. 


The singularity of the festival is to bring together the general public as well as professionals around a multiform, adventurous and innovative program that questions the boundaries between photography and contemporary art. From professional weekends centered around portfolio readings and meetings with artists, to our famous photo studios, the festival offers high points focused on discovery and sharing of experiences to gather around photography.

The Circulation(s) festival takes place at the CENTQUATRE-PARIS, a cultural place in eastern Paris, and continues in the form of tours and off-site events in France and Europe. 

A springboard for artists and a trend revelator, Circulation(s) is the place and the reflection of the European contemporary artistic ebullition and the essential meeting place for the photography of tomorrow.

Founded on the values of education and transmission around the image, Circulation(s) reiterates its ever-growing aspiration to be an approachable event of high standards, and to adapt to all with Little Circulation(s), the exhibition dedicated to kids.

Constantly reinventing itself, the commitment of the festival and the Fetart collective remains to move but also to reveal and concern around strong and committed themes. 



The programme is based on the selection by a jury of professionals of artists from a call for international applications, and artists invited by the members of the artistic committee. The festival confirms its desire to explore with a focus on a European country each year. The multiplicity of the selection offers a rich and generous proposal that embraces the plurality of points of view.


Artistic direction is handled by the Artistic Committee of the Fetart collective.




Infinite place of art, culture and innovation : THE CENTQUATRE-PARIS

Located in the 19th arrondissement, the CENTQUATRE-PARIS is a space for residencies, production and promotion for the public and artists from all over the world. Conceived by its director José-Manuel Gonçalvès as a collaborative artistic platform, it enables access to all of today’s arts, through a programme that is resolutely popular, contemporary and challenging. As an atypical living area lined with shops, it also offers spaces for free artistic practice and spaces for infants. For the start-ups that are part of its business accelerator, it forms a unique territory for experimentation, at the crossroads of art and innovation.




The festival is a member of the EMOP network, European Month of Photography, which brings together photography festivals in Lisbon (IMAGO LISBOA), Luxembourg (EMOPLUX), Berlin (EMOP BERLIN) and Vienna (FOTO WIEN) with the common objective of promoting cooperation at the European level, strengthening the international photographic scene, intensifying the exchange of information and experience and supporting young artists.


The European network is also built through partnerships with foreign festivals that exhibit or show the artists of the Circulation(s) festival in the form of screenings: Lódz Fotofestiwal (Pologne); Belfast Foto Festival (Irlande) ; BIP – Biennale de l’image possible, Liège (Belgique) ; Emerging Talents, Rome (Italie) ; Fotografia Europea, Reggio Emilia (Italie) …


Circulation(s) has consolidated a unique exchange network made up of professionals ready to act concretely for the promotion of European photographic production.


Some of the artists of Circulation(s) are also presented in exhibitions outside the walls, in places dedicated to art as well as in public places:

– La RATP invite, Paris (France);

– TER’LA / Circulation(s) exhibition at TEAT Champ Fleuri, La Réunion (France);

– Circulation(s) @Shanghaï (China).

– Hôtel Fontfreyde – Centre Photographique de Clermont-Ferrand (France) ;

– Photobiennale, Moscow (Russia) ;

– Visages d’un village, Varengeville-sur-Mer (France);

– Gares & Connexions, Paris (France) ;

– Circulation(s) @Shanghaï (China).

Check all our outdoor exhibitions.


The festival organises events around photography to bring together photographers, professionals and the general public:

– Portfolio readings;

– Cycles of conferences;

– Cycles of screenings;

– Photo studios;

– Weekends dedicated to photography professionals;

– Little Circulation(s), the exhibition for children.



The Circulation(s) festival has always been structured by fondamental values that make it stand out from the other Parisian and French institutions, and put it as close as possible to creation and photo enthusiasts:

  • Since its beginnings, the Circulation(s) Festival has been built on fundamental values that distinguish it from other Parisian and French institutions, and place it closer to creation and to photography lovers;
  • Freedom of tone, freedom of expression: Circulation(s) imposes neither theme nor format; only the quality of the writing counts in the selection of artists;
  • Audacity and innovation: Circulation(s) serves as a medium of expression for emerging European photography ;
  • daring and proposing a new reflection are the key words of the programme;
  • Transmission: Circulation(s) aims to open up access to culture;
  • Emotion: each artist presented by Circulation(s) shares a personal and intimate vision with the visitor in order to surprise, amaze and move.


The Circulation(s) festival is engaged in a major mediation project particularly aimed at young audiences, the ambition of which is to promote education in the image. In collaboration with the Centquatre-Paris mediation team, the festival, which is very popular with school groups, welcomes group visits from kindergarten to university throughout the period of operation.

In 2015, Circulation(s) went even further by setting up an exhibition at children’s level, Little Circulation(s). An exhibition entirely designed and created to meet the expectations of young audiences, which includes the series of artists exhibited at the festival, in a scenography adapted to the youngest. A pedagogical and educational path has been designed with the aim of developing their skills in observation, analysis, expression and critical thinking.