SZCZEPANIAK Charlotte (May 19)

Color Block

2019Photo Studio Photographer

For Charlotte Szczepaniak, photography allows stories to be told, emotions to be transmitted, questions to be asked, but above all it allows people to empty their minds. She particularly likes working on colours and creating sets.


For this photo studio she is offering minimalist and monochrome sets: a colour declined in several shades, associated with different textures and materials in order to transport the subjects in a completely shifted universe. You will also have accessories and clothes of the chosen colour at your disposal; the opportunity for you to let go and have fun while getting photographed, doing crazy poses, alone or with others.



In collaboration with SIGMA

About the artist

I am 20 years old and a passionate self-taught photographer based in Lille. For over 4 years I practised photography alone. In love with staging, I like to convey emotions and tell stories. Despite my young age, I know how to treat more mature and difficult topics such as diseases. I am a photographer committed to the fight against breast cancer, which particularly affects me; in 2018, I realized a photographic project entitled “As long as we still breathe”, which gave rise to an exhibition in Lille as part of Pink October; image therapy for both victims and myself, it helps to heal and regain self-confidence. In addition to these personal projects, I also have the privilege of being a SIGMA ambassador. Thanks to them, I had have the opportunity to give a conference at the Salon de la Photo in Paris on November 10th, 2018, where I presented my work.