Mano Charlotte (May 4)

Pictorial Portrait

2019Photo Studio Photographer

For Charlotte Mano, photography is a medium of derealisation. She likes to push the boundaries of her medium to disturb the viewer: Is it a photo? A painting? A drawing?

In this photo studio, she proposes to create vaporous, pictorial portraits, at the limit of reality. Masked and accessorized, become the time of an image, a real-life painting.

About the artist

Charlotte Mano was born in 1990.

After a joint course in modern letters and cultural communication, Charlotte joined the École des Gobelins where she graduated amongst the top of her year.

Her photographic work, if it unfolds in appearance around several themes (the body, space, and darkness), does not stop questioning the image: its power of representation and transparency, but also its own limits.

She is a member of the Hans Lucas studio.