Clement Micky (May 5)

An Extraordinary Garden

2019Photo Studio Photographer

Between the real world and the world you dream about, between natural light and digital lights, the characters will be immersed in a fictional and magical world of plants.

The subjects will travel through the lens of the photographer, basking in exaltation of the dreams within each and everyone of us.

Unbridled or calm, nature will deliver a kingdom of textures with blinding colors in a game of perspective and hallucinated post-treatment colouring.

Each character will be Queen or King of a territory of lights reflected by a thousand artifices of a reinvented nature. Our certainties will be shaken. Our dreams photographed.

About the artist

Micky Clément, a French photographer, lives and works in Brittany. Urban and natural elements inspire him to reinvent landscapes which he defines himself as stage sets in which the spectator is invited to project his or her imagination. Voluntarily empirical, he feeds off digital retouching accidents. Focusing on natural light in his shots, he then splits the space of the image into specific graphic areas, each evoking a possibility of escape.