Le Chau Cuong (June 29 & 30)

Wes Anderson

2019Photo Studio Photographer

The photographer uses the aesthetics of filmmaker Wes Anderson as inspiration to create a strange, offbeat, almost surreal world. The portraits are done with a soft, almost natural light, on a background of solid pastel colour or offbeat wallpaper, with the option of additional animal masks or accessories.

About the artist

After studies of Analysis and Economic Policy, Chau Cuong Lê took some time off to travel. A letter-writer for a while, he then worked on Samu social, trained in Photojournalism in 2003 in the EMI-CFD. Up until 2009 he also took part in projects within the framework of the collective BaSoH (studio photos in schools, reports for the Secours catholique, on the 20 years of the fall of the Berlin Wall). In 2008, he entered the studio Rouchon and taught  about studio light. He then assisted other fashion photographers, in advertising and still life. Today, he does work on commission, and at the same time works on personal projects surrounding intimacy and our relationship towards family.

He has been a member of Studio Hans Lucas since 2015, coopted by Wilfrid Estève.