PLAS Frédérique (June 23)

Traditional studio… but with colours !

2019Photo Studio Photographer

Frédérique invites you to come as you want: well or badly dressed, matching or not, with disguises, with your favorite accessory, or just as yourself… There will just be a cube to sit on or to lean against; there is nothing else to do but to stare at the lens for a few minutes… Like a traditional studio, only colorful.

About the artist

Frédérique Plas has been in the photography business for a long time.

After graduating as a “DPLG” architect, she decided to focus on photography.

She has done portraits for the press, institutions, communication agencies, and also individuals, for over fifteen years.

She supervises a photography workshop with students in Graphic Design. She also tried to work on personal project in order to try to move away for portraits, but it did not really work, she always finds herself coming back to her obsession with photographing people…