Circulations, Festival de la jeune photographie européenne


Lituanie / Artiste présenté par le festival In Focus (Lituanie) / 2011

Série « Silence » / Parcours

2008 - ongoing, pinhole photography.

The works in this series abandon the parameters of space and time that facilitate orientation, and seek to address the oversaturated market of reproduced images.

A photograph devoid of an event and message disorients the viewer and does away with the experience of vision as fast cognition. Images captured in nature sites and public or private spaces do not convey those locations’ precise parameters, but rather comprise a continuous visual structure, the principal objective of which is to emphasize the line between the visible and the invisible, the familiar and the foreign, the natural and the social, instead of reproducing the present situation. If one understands silence as a protest against predictable twaddle, one can say that excess visual references are eliminated in these photographs.

On the other hand, the photographs’ ascetic visual quality acts as a reference to and a re-reading of the history of minimalist art.