COVID-19 INFORMATION – Following the Prime Minister’s announcements on Saturday March 14, the festival taking place at CENTQUATRE-PARIS is closed to the public until further notice.

STAY HOME(S)Day after day with the artists of CIRCULATION(S)

Because today, for our own good and the good of the others, we all have to stay at home. Because CIRCULATION(S) is the opposite of this confinement. We are starting a large correspondence around the image ! From Minsk to Berlin, from Paris to Helsinki, From Paris to Barcelona, the whole festival team and the 45 artists of this edition, we will deliver to you day after day our vision of this unprecedented situation #stayathome.

More than ever, CIRCULATION(S) is determined to continue supporting young photographers, connecting artists with each other and sharing pictures with all confined culture-lovers. STAY HOME(S) is an epistolary online project in the form of an artistic telegram, day after day.

Whatever the borders are closed or the confinement has become mandatory for a large part of the population, the CIRCULATION(S) festival continues to bring outside the pictures and invites its artists to share their news, to keep the creative link that unites us from all around Europe.

© Leevi Toija, Consumer in Wonderland , CIRCULATION(S) 2020