Circulation(s) at Moscow Multimedia Art Museum

Circulation(s) goes to Russia from April 10th to May 9th 2017!

Circulation(s) steps inside Russia! The festival settles in the Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow and presents 17 works.

Amaral & Barthes
Guillaume Amat
François Beaurain
Marcus Moller Bitsch
Amélie Chassary & Lucie Belarbi
Yoann Cimier
Marine de la Loge et Mélissa Boucher
Bernard Demenge
David Fathi
Corentin Fohlen
Laurent Kronental
Romain Laurent
Olivia Lavergne
Nicolas Marchand
Guillaume Martial
Eric Pillot
Vilma Pimenoff
Cyril Porchet
Camille Sonally
Ulysse & Darcoe
Patrick Willocq

Further information about the Multimedia Art Museum, here !

Additional information

Circulation(s) goes to Moscow!

Exhibition at the Multimedia Art Museum, from April, 10th, to May, 9th 2017

Opening, April, 10th, 7pm

Start date : 10/04/2017

End date : 09/05/2017