DAZI Chiara

Italie / Artiste SFR Jeunes Talents / 2011

" I Love You 4 "

I landed in the hostel shortly before Italy failed its last chance in the Soccer World Cup, where I learned that I was only 15 minutes walk from the legendary FC Liverpool stadium. I decided to go and light a candle for my country’s team being warned by the host « be carefull, Anfield is a poor and very dangerous area, because of unemployment and drug ». I found myself walking along a very narrow street among small brick-houses, no one around ; in the backgroud was the stadium and some loud music was coming from the corner. I suddenly saw a guy jumping up the wall and throwing the ashes of the barbecue on the other side of it, into the abandoned house’s backyard. He was celebrating his 20th birthday on the street together with his twin sister, some friends, the grandfather, and the niece. I right got a beer too and we partyed on late in different houses on the street ; I came back everyday for four days : together, we visited the granny, went back to the supermarket three times a same day, ate fish and chips and chocolate, while Mel and her daughter continuously tried to find out who loves whom more : « I love you ! », « and I love you 2 », « but I love you 3 ! », « so I love you 4 ».