Every weekend of the festival, you can come and be photographed alone, with family or friends by an artist photographer in professional shooting conditions which revives the pure tradition of the early photo studios of the XXth century.

CIRCULATION(S) photo studios are incredibly eclectic thanks to the diversity of its photographers. Each weekend, discover a different artist and universe with offbeat proposals. You can choose to have the portrait shot in pretty black and white, in a composition close to traditional family portraits, in the jungle like an explorer or in a movie set !

A great moment that will allow you to leave with a high quality print signed by the artist !

Additional information

Price: 59 €, 1 photographic print included

Opening of reservations with the GIFT CARD code: January 15

Reservations open to the public: February 1

Start date : 21/03/2020

End date : 10/05/2020

Read more about the artists

BERY Olli (03/21)


GHARBI Camille (03/22)

The Great Diversion

LÊ Chau-Cuong (03/28)

Wes Anderson

PLAS Frédérique (03/29)

Traditional studio... but with colours !

STUDIO Cui cui (04/04)

The Explorer

STOECKLE Yoann (04/05)

Urban Studio

ROBIN Cyrille (04/19)


BLOCH-STUCKENS Michèle (04/11)

White Monochrome

TIAFFAY Annabelle (04/18)

Little Studio

ZANGARELLI Émilie (04/25)

Fly away!

POITEVIN Philippe (05/02 + 05/03)

Movie Sets

TAYLOR Julien (05/09)


PATHÉ Claire (04/12 + 05/10)

Traditional Chinese costume / Close your eyes

MORO Arnaud (04/26)