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In 2020, we are ourselves and we want to feel ourselves, more beautiful than ever ! Our itinerant studio moves with the sun, according to the showers and urban atmospheres. We want to see the sun with his beautiful blue sky as the song says. We seek light, but more than that, we are light ! Together, with family, with friends, in our Paris, in an alley, on the roofs in a courtyard, we come with a bag of clothes with the help we feel good. Today we don’t care, today we go up. We are the most beautiful because we are US ! Hollywood, Cannes, this is over, here is PARIS ! Let us stage ourselves in Technicolor.

Following the sanitary measures : the participants will have to bring their own costumes and accessories. Our teams will be equipped with masks, safety measures will be respected. The room between each session have been extended to avoid waiting. 

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About the artist

Yoann Stoeckel is an internationally renowned photographer, specializing in portraiture and lifestyle. A graduate of the ENS Louis Lumière in Paris, he lives and works in Paris. Appreciated for his cinematic style and his mastery of storytelling. Her approach to capturing light, her choices of unique chromies and her solar universe signify the singularity of her style. It all starts with the fascination of cinema. A graduate student of the ENS Louis Lumière School in Paris, Yoann spends his evenings and nights at the Cinémathèque Française soaking up an immense visual richness and surveying Paris during the day in order to find the sceneries that fascinated him on screen.

It is the narrative quality as well as his cinematic style that most characterizes Yoann’s work. As a visual creator, he is able to adapt the elements of a subject and tell a story with a strong visual identity. He founds his own vision in the order to shaping it with his palette. His work transports the viewer into a clean visual universe that is imprinted with his signature. No matter if he is called in for advertising work or editorial orders, Yoann’s powerful work ethic and strong visual creative direction have always been attractive to clients in demand for portraiture as well as lifestyle photography. Yoann divides his time between Paris and travel, between his work for advertising and his trips for editorial and press orders, as well as for his personal research. The list of clients who trusted him includes Liberation, Le Monde, The New York Times, AirFrance Magazine, Red Bull, Michelin, Ford, McDonalds, Nespresso, Aston Martin, GQ magazine, Glamor magazine, Monocle, TBWA and Ogilvy among others .