Off the walls... in the subway !

Circulation(s) x RATP

Circulation(s) is invited by the RATP to invest in stations, corridors and new spaces in the Paris metropolitan area by occupying advertising frames and honouring the work of photographers in transport spaces.

Dive into the heart of the grandiose and dreamy landscapes of the Scandinavian duo INKA & NICLAS.

Teleport yourself into the mysterious and fairy-tale daily life of the Englishman Bobby BEASLEY.

Discover the divinities of Beninese voodoo captured by the Frenchman Benjamin SCHMUCK.

Finally, take off for an intergalactic exploration with the Italian Bianca SALVO.

Get ready for an unusual crossing !




SALVO Bianca

The Universe Makers

SCHMUCK Benjamin

Rising the wise


Family portraits


Roughly 1,000 Miles Per Hour