Roughly 1,000 Miles Per Hour



The photographs that make up the series “Roughly 1,000 Miles Per Hour” were taken throughout the year 2020, when everything seemed a bit distorted… The global pandemic hit us and after months of isolation, he began to create his own universe, focusing on the simple pleasures and fun situations of his daily life. His dad put things into perspective by saying that “we are all standing on a rock spinning at roughly 1,000 Mph. We’re hurtling around a massive ball of fire in an infinite universe.”

About the artist

Bobby BEASLEY is an English self-taught photographer born in 1982. He works with his family running an American vintage clothing shop based in Hull. Photography is something he likes to fit into his day-to-day, carrying a camera about with him documenting anything that interests him. He likes the interaction, spontaneity and unpredictability of street photography.