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Photo Studio, part 2!


Every week end of the festival, you can come and be shot alone, with your family or friends, by a professional photographer, in a real temporary photo studio. You’ll get an unique signed print, and connect with the best tradition of early 1900’s photo studios.

The originality of this photo studio is the diversité of its photographers. One week end means one or two different photographers, with their personal universe. Thus, you can choose a nice XXth century traditional black&white family portrait, but you can also opt for a more quirky proposition that will make you part of an artistic project.

SMITH, Aglaé Bory, Samuel Lugassy and Philippe Poitevin are some of the photographers taking part into the 2017 Photo Studio.

To discover our 2017 Photo Studio photographers, click here, or directly on the names in the schedule below.

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Photos: Artistes de l’édition 2016

We sincerely thank Pierre-Yves Mahé from Speos for lending the equipment.

Canon, partner of the event


Calendrier du studio photo : 

January, Sunday 22nd Samuel Lugassy Classical color SOLD OUT
January, Saturday 28th Philippe Poitevin Movie set SOLD OUT
January, Sunday 29th Philippe Poitevin Movie set SOLD OUT
February, Saturday 4th Rebecka Oftedal Portraits of children (w/ w/o parents) SOLD OUT
February, Sunday 5th Chau Cuong Le  Mexican wrestlers in the 60’s SOLD OUT
February, Saturday 11th Faux Amis  Alea Jacta est (special on Saint Valentin) SOLD OUT
February, Sunday 12th Faux Amis Alea Jacta est (special on Saint Valentin) SOLD OUT
February, Tuesday 14th Faux Amis  Alea Jacta est
during the anti-Valentines’ Day party
 February, Tuesday 14th Guillaume Millet Tribute to Araki
during the anti-Valentines’ Day party
 February, Saturday 18th Dorothée Smith Sleepy portraits SOLD OUT
February, Sunday 19th Dorothée Smith Sleepy portraits SOLD OUT
February, Saturday 25th Aglaé Bory  The music of silence SOLD OUT
February, Sunday 26th François Roelants Tin-Type Studio SOLD OUT
March, Saturday 4th Alexis Vettoretti Classical black&white SOLD OUT
March, Sunday 5th Charlotte Ortholary  Street Photography SOLD OUT

Additional information

// every week end // 

20-minute session, 20x30cm signed print.

Price : €59, online or or-the-spot registration (online registration is recommended)
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– 13:00-19:00 every Saturday and Sunday of the festival

– Registration:  online, you can choose according to the photographer or the date – Book a session

– You can buy a frame and/or additional prints

Full liste of our 2017 photographers: here!
If you have any question, or need further information, feel free to contact Laëtitia Leroy :

Start date : 22/01/2017

End date : 05/03/2017