VETTORETTI Alexis 04/03/2017

Classical Black & White



The project of the photographer for the photo studio is to get a moment, a look to tell a story by means of a face. The objective is to find the emotion which makes portrait calls out us. Black and white, search for the intensity and game with the material will be key words.


Saturday 4 March 2017


About the artist

Born in 1989, Alexis Vettoretti follows for three years a photographer’s training in the ETPA (école photographique de Toulouse), what allows him to discover the Report-documentary. In 2013, he settles down in Paris where he works as assistant with Patrick Swirc and creates the Collective Black Prism with seven other photographers.
In August, 2015, he integrates the Studio Hans Lucas and works as portrait painter for the French Press.
His personal work is turned as for him to the documentary photography. He joins in a will to tell the others to make the center of his subject.