For this 11th edition, the festival Circulation(s) draws on the characteristic energy of its collective to reinvent itself. In this uncertain context that questions our cultural practices, it seemed to us essential to move the lines. We saw in this situation a driving force, which pushed us to gather our forces and take a new step. This step is the affirmation of the Fetart collective, at the origin of the festival, at the head of the artistic direction. A liberating action, which makes our convictions and our vision manifest :

The unconditional bet of emergence, a passionate mobilization, a taste for common adventure

Composed of 12 independent curators and passionate volunteers, the Fetart collective is not just a simple platform for generating cultural projects, but a unique space for exchange, protean and non-hierarchical, which gives the other its full place. This plasticity, this horizontality, this inclusiveness are the strength of this collective. In order to stage this artistic unity rich in singular perspectives, we have surrounded ourselves with the set design duo Big Time, composed of Marion Flament and Jimme Cloo, and we have entrusted our new visual identity to the talented Fanny Le Bras and Clémentine Berry from Twice studio.

This year in particular, we were able to take the pulse of photographic trends and experiments. The resulting themes do not fade away in favour of the health crisis, quite the contrary. And instead of blurring them, it highlights more the reflections and states of affairs carried by the artists. Absorbing or questioning, finding meaning and thinking tomorrow…

The 29 projects selected and presented at the Centquatre-Paris, unseen in France, testify to a lively creative spirit, a generation fully inflated, between anger and poetry, observation and speaking out, in-depth investigation and ideal fiction… The Focus Portugal, which we are presenting with the support of the Gulbenkian Foundation, is a perfect illustration of this, revealing a committed and promising scene that reflects its own photographic identity.

Our programming reflects the convictions that motivate us: confidence in the capacity of young people to tirelessly propose new forms, territorial Europe, the representation of women, gender equality and freedom of expression.

Defending and celebrating otherness is a permanent challenge that brings us alive.

So in 2021, let us participate in breathtaking African ceremonies, learn the bootyshake, explore the territories of the domestic and the intimate, engage in intersidereal tourism, question disobedience or travel to the moon. Let us discover. Let’s discover together!

The Fetart artistic committee

REPLAY 2021 !

You can also watch the 2021 edition in video, directed by Jérémy Vissio.