REBETEZ Virginie



2013 -

The work of Virginie Rebetez is situated between the reactivated archive, autofiction, and a reflection about death, and oblivion. With the disturbing mix of fear and fascination with death, as a starting point, she combines elements of reality with fiction to suggest an alternative to an inevitable ending. Through a process of ritually re-ordering a part of a story, a legacy is created.

Photographing the clothes worn by people at the time of death, neatly folded and orderly arranged, through the medium of photography, she portrays them as exhibits. In her approach to this project she collaborated with a funeral center, which enabled her to obtain these unclaimed objects, which otherwise would have been thrown away. With them, she creates a trace, which can then unfold into the collective memory.

à propos de l'artiste

Virginie Rebetez, born in Switzerland in 1979, is a photography graduate from the School of Applied Arts of Vevey (CEPV) and from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy of Amsterdam.

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