A Room Of One’s Own


2014Sélection du jury et de Fetart

In my new work photography is a stage of a memory. I return to my own or to my closests´memories in the act of making pictures. My purpose is to recreat visual documents of important experiences. I plan the pictures beforehand. I photograph people who belong to my life. As much as the subjects in my pictures represent the memory they become general icons and symbols of human being like New York based curator and writer Susan Bright stages in Auto-Portrait (2011). The underlining theme seems to be loneliness even thought I would not to aim for that. More often I think family relationships while making the photographs. How it was to be a eight years old daughter and brake the mother´s vase.

à propos de l'artiste

Née en 1982, elle a étudié la photograhie à la Turku Arts Academy, Finlande, et est diplômée de la School of Arts, Design and Architecture at the Aalto Univeristy, Helsinki. Son travail a fait partie de la sélection SFR – Jeunes Talents 2012. Elle a été accueillie dans de nombreuses résidences en France et est représentée par la MC2 galerie de Milan.