Photography and Transgression

Photography and Transgression

How to define cultural transgression and how can it be meaningful? Where does it start in the particular field of photography and what kind of standards does it take? If any transgression disappeared from our cultural universe, would that mean impoverishment and weakening of our entire society? It is around these questions that the students of Master 1 “Direction of projects and cultural institutions”, directed by Ms. Françoise Docquiert, questioned themselves within the framework of “Jeudis de la Sorbonne”.

After the 2016-2017 edition focused on “Culture & Disobedience”, it is the theme of “Culture & Transgression” that guided the students this year. These conferences, two of which are organized at 104 as part of the Festival Circulation (s), allow students to invite different cultural personalities to address current issues and society. These two evenings will address the theme of photography, its connection to transgression, as well as the reliability of the photographic image.



Additional information

Date: Wednesday 4th and 11th of April 2018
Schedule: 19h-20h30
Location: Atelier 4 – Centquatre Paris
Rates / Booking conditions: Free access within the limits of available places
Organizers: Students of the Master 1 Direction of Projects and cultural institutions under the direction of Françoise Docquiert

Start date : 11/04/2018

End date : 11/03/2018