For the second time in Europe, a meeting will be held between photography experts and the best graduating students from photography schools. Like Art Schools Open Days, the JEEP offer to the students the chance of being introduced by their professors in the art world. Students’ works will be exhibited and shown to art professionals such as gallery owners, iconographers, art dealers or curators.

The JEEP’s aim is to enable students to extend their network and promote their work abroad. The vibrancy of Paris as a global art metropolis will certainly be an asset for the JEEP. The JEEP are an open window for budding European photographers. It will also give experts access to a significant talent pool. By being a genuine intersection where creations and cultures meet, the JEEP will help strengthen the fundamental values of the European Union and participate actively in the shaping of the future of its youth.

The Fetart Association

The JEEP are organized by The Fetart Association, a group that has promoted young and talented photographers through Europe within the Circulation(s) Festival for the past four years. This festival is a springboard that gives young artists the opportunity to be exhibited for the first time, ensuring their visibility within the art world. The festival’s reputation is growing each year, driving a broad audience to discover new creations and fostering a European network.

These days fit for the operation and the spirit of the festival Circulation (s) and will take place over three days, from Friday 20th to Sunday 22th of May to CENTQUATRE-PARIS. Opening night, friday,20 to 7pm, download your invitation (valid for two people).


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// On Friday, May 20th // 12h-19h // on Saturday, 21 and Sunday, May 22nd /// 11h-19h // Free and free access
European days of the Schools of Photography // Écuries nord of CENTQUATRE-PARIS
Through the J.E.E.P discover the schools of European photos and the portfolios of their students.

WebSite : www.j-e-e-p.eu

Start date : 20/05/2016

End date : 22/05/2016

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