Little Circulation(s)

For the first time this year, the Circulation(s) festival will display a children show!!!

Come check out, alone, in group or in family, our exhibition, entirely dedicated to the young audience (from 5 to 12 years old). Free entrance, Place des Ecuries (level -1).

Little Circulation(s) will showcase the main exhibition’s series, but with a scenography adapted to young audiences. Games inspired by the works on display will be available for children to accompany their visit in a fun and creative way (memory games, games of 7 errors, logic games and a game that will turn them into budding designer…)

A game-booklet will be available to accompany your visit and make it fun.

New games, inspired by the works of the exhibition, will also be available on the Circulation(s) application, available on App Store and Google Play.


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Additional information

– Tuesday to Friday from 13pm to 19pm
– Week-end from 12am to 19pm
– Closed on Monday

– Free and oppen access

Start date : 24/01/2015

End date : 08/03/2015