Photography can crystallise all space-time, yet we automatically give it a nostalgic tinge. For the artists in this section, the future is undoubtedly more fascinat [...]


Every year, the festival consolidates its European network through partnerships with foreign festivals. For this 7th edition, 6 festivals will broadcast the Circula [...]


Work-Show-Grow is a new collaborative training structure, based in London for emerging photographers. Directed by the British visual artist Natasha Caruana, W-S-G o [...]

TRACE – Morvarid K, Yuko KASEKI et Sherwood CHEN (EN)

A multidisciplinary performance mixing photography and dance, photographic prints and the human body, recording the trace of each instant. Here, beyond expressing t [...]

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DATES : Saturday March 14 / Free HOURS : 2 pm LOCATION : CENTQUATRE-PARIS – Atelier 7   CONTACT :

Conference 5

  Guest speakers: Iosif Király, professor and co-founder of  Department of Photography and Media Art at the National University of Arts of Bucharest, and Ioana [...]

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Date: June 27, 2019 Times: Themed guided tour from 7pm to 7.30pm, booking required ( Conference from 7.30pm onwards Location: Atelier 7, at the Cent [...]


More and more, photographs leave the walls. Each year, there is a noticeable eagerness to avoid a static perception of the pictures, to break the square-on view and [...]