Les Filles de la Photo racontent …un photographe, des métiers !

Les filles de la photo  are meeting on Tuesday, April 10th from 2pm to 6pm, four photographers with singular paths with actors whose trades and action have helped t [...]

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When ?  Tuesday, April 10th 2018 Schedule : 14h-18h Location: Salon de l’Incubateur – Centquatre-Paris Rates / Booking conditions: Free access within [...]


As started through the portfolio readings, Fetart keeps supporting young photographers by helping them better understand the world of photography. Since 2014, Fet [...]

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Date: Wednesday, March 28th 2018 Schedule: 7pm to 8.30pm Location: Salon de l’Incubateur- Centquatre Paris Rates / Booking conditions: Free access within t [...]

Portfolio Readings 2018

Like every year during the Circulation(s) festival, Fetart organises portfolio readings for photographers. In 2018 they will take place on Saturday, 24th and Sunday [...]

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WHEN :  Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th March 2018 – From 2pm to 6pm – Each reading lasts 20 minutes WHERE : Place des Ecuries at the CENTQUATRE-PARIS B [...]

Les événements du festival

Saturday March 17th 14h-19h: Opening of the exhibition 19h30-23h30: Special Ball Circulation (s)   Saturday, March 24 and Sunday, March 25 14h-18h: [...]

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When: During the whole festival Where: At Centquatre-Paris

PROJECTIONS: The favorites of European festivals

To show the diversity of photographic writings that can be seen in the different festivals in France and Europe, Circulation(s) has invited nearly twenty festivals [...]

2018 Circulation(s) festival Public Prize

We have stripped 4316 of the heart last year, the challenge of the 2018 edition is to get to strip 6000 ballots, make us this pleasure! Who votes: Anyone * with a [...]