Sans Preuve et Sans Cadavre



These ordinary objects that remained untouched are the recollection of memories that are hidden deep down inside but that can’t be erased. They come back all the time. We try to understand them. We replay the scene to try to find meaning. Based on testimonies, the pictures are the illustration of these little things which are apparently insignificant, that haunt these incest stories made of silences, guilt and solitude. 10 000 incest cases are reported every year in France and 80% of these cases will never be prosecuted as our culture silences the victims.

About the artist

Virginie Plauchut was born in 1976. Between the documentary and staging, this series mixes portraits and landscapes in a questioning about the other and oneself, an exploration of the human in a bitter-sweet confrontation. She takes pictures in an instinctive way, varying framing and material.