The next edition of the Circulation(s) festival will take place from April 6 to June 2, 2024 at the CENTQUATRE-PARIS


The 14th edition of the Circulation(s) festival once again resonates with the pulsations and demands of emerging European photography. This year’s selection is punctuated by an unprecedented fluidity and an ever-stronger predilection for experimentation.


The 24 artists, from 14 different countries, rethink the image. It evolves seamlessly from still to animated, emanating from old techniques and artificial intelligence, seizing on historical and popular sources, digital or archival, personal and universal. Media and genres are porous too: literature and photography intermingle, performance and gesture feed or stretch the narrative, and video creates combinations and complementarities. 




Discover the artists of the 14th edition


24 Artists of 14 different nationalities // 2000 sqm of exhibition space

Collectif Fetart

Founder, coordinator and artistic direction

Slider pics © Giulia Sidoli // © Photo studios // © Sarah-Berthe Lecomte // © Camille Fumarola // © Federico Estol // © Martin Atanasov