After long weeks of uncertainty, we are delighted to announce the reopening of the 10th edition of FESTIVAL CIRCULATION(S).


From June 5 to July 26, at CENTQUATRE-PARIS


To welcome you as best as possible and with respect for sanitary measures, ticketing is done online here with visiting slots.




The exhibition is now fully accessible online! Discover the 2020 edition from your home, by traveling from one section to another and giving us the gift of your vote for the PUBLIC AWARD, which has been rewarding your favorite photographer for the past 5 years.


We are also pleased to open an ONLINE STORE so that you can discover the exhibition by leafing through our catalog, the special issue of Fisheye which looks back on our 10 years, by wearing our badges, our totebag or by displaying at home. the most beautiful CIRCULATION(S) postcards. Take home a piece of us with you – and by the same, bring your financial support because, like many cultural events, we have been tested and weakened during this period.









To guide you through the sections as if you were there, the map of the exhibition it’s just here !
Enjoy your visit !