Tribew Award

Tribew rewards Esthers Hovers

The last 16th of October, a jury composed by Bénédicte Philippe, Emmanuelle Halkin, Carine Dolek, Carole Stein, Hugues Sylvie, Francis Joly, Isabelle Muheim, Delphine Lapierre, Louis-Laurent Bretillard, Marion Hislen, has decided to offer to the Dutch artist Esther Hovers an eBook available on Tribew platform. This award recognizes a selected artist for the Circulation(s) festival that has not yet published a book.
The work of Esther Hovers entitled “False Positive” deals with surveillance cameras present within the urban space. The artist made montages from real situations, with people whose behavior is deemed “suspicious”. Through her work, she wants to question the concepts of deviance and normality.
Tribew is a publishing house specializing in digital books (available on tablets and smartphones). The content featured, allow the use of digital tools (links, videos, …) within the book.

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Start date : 16/10/2015

End date : 16/10/2015