Fetart Calendar 2016

2016 coming soon!

Live the whole year beside Fetartes, a dream?

From now on available for the moderate sum of 7€!

Sexier than the calendar of the Posts, more glamorous than the calendar Pirelli, less repulsive than the Roman calendar, the 10 years calendar Fetart, will tempt you to raise you every day of the year, even on January 1st!

An excellent opportunity to (re)discover talent and virtuosity of Fetart photographers (our Annie Leibovitz and Terry Richardson to us) who realized these clichés, and to appreciate the grace and photogeny of the models.

To the office, at grandma’s house, in the toilet; Calendar Fetart, inescapable photographic object for new year.

Thanks to all the Fetart photographers who got hooked, putting aside for a moment their international careers to seize the team of Fetartes:

Carlos Ayesta,
Amélie Chassary & Lucie Belarbi,
Vincent Gouriou, Lucie & Simon,
oops forgiveness Brodbeck & de Barbuat,
Mathieu Roquigny,
Julien Taylor (double thank you for his photos and for the welcome in his studio);
to Todd Antony for his Californian bottom,
to successful Antoine Leborgne,
to Anne-Lise Le Brun,
to have kept affectedly his shirts of GRS,
to Jeanne Frantz for the graphic design of calendar (special mention for the bottom Spice Girls)!

A big greatful to all our friends, lovers, members, photographers and faithful partners who follow us and support us in this beautiful adventure for all these years.

Special mention to the Workshop l’Atelier Label Image whom we share this wedding of tin.

Additional information

Calendar price, 7€
*By CB or Paypal :
Click here
Email to pay by paypal: commande@fetart.org

*By check
Send a check to the amount of 13€ (7€ + 6€ of postal charges), in the order of: Fetart.
Send to address: 121 Rue de Charonne 75011, Paris.

Box will be sent by mail way.

You can also come to pick up your box at Fetart office, from 9am till 6pm, from Monday to Friday, 121 Rue de Charonne 75011 Paris.

For more details: heloise@fetart.org
+33 (0) 6 14 14 76 24

Start date : 19/11/2015