Portfolios reviews

from Saturday 21th till Sunday 22th of May 2016

As every year, Fetart organizes portfolios reading (10 euros) for photographers on the occasion of Circulation(s) Festival, which will take place in the CENTQUATRE-PARIS from Saturday 21th till Sunday 22th of May 2016.

Real exchange moment, portfolios reading allows photographers to present their work to experts of the image world: gallery owners, agencies, critics, directors of festivals, iconographers to collect a critical appreciation, find opportunities to spread their images or to expose. This initiative fits into the will of the festival to be a springboard for photographers.

The day of inscription, you can choose any experts you want among the list , to present your work during two meetings in private of 20 minutes each one.
The presentation of works can be rather made with a portfolio paper, but also on digital tablet or on computer (off-site internet).
There is no minimum or maximum number of photos to be presented, you present the most relevant number of photos by report your work.

Warning : Take all of your bookings in the same order

Other portfolios readers

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Expert Saturday  21/05 Sunday  22/05 Booking
Pascal Amoyel, Galerie Michèle Chomette x  Full
Jany Bianco-Mula, Les Echos Week-end x  Book
Arnaud Bizalion, Arnaud Bizalion éditeur x  Book
Bruno Bonnabry-Duval, Camera x Full
Françoise Bornstein, Galerie SIT DOWN x Full
Valérie Cazin, Galerie Binôme x Full
Eric Cez, éditions Loco x  Book
Marie Champenois, Vanity Fair x Full
Pascal Clément, L’Optimum x  Book
Louise Clements, FORMAT International Photography Festival (Royaume-Uni) x x Full
Simon Lourié & Thierry Villeneuve – Galerie Le 247  x  Book
Miha Colner, Centre for Contemporary Photography (Slovénie / Autriche) x x  Book
Héloïse Conesa, Département des Estampes et de la Photographie à la BNF x Full
Andreina De Bei, Sciences et Avenir x  Book
Delphine Desveaux, La Parisienne de Photographie x  Book
Yann Di Meglio, Galerie Intervalle x Full
Fathia Djarir, Psychologies Magazine x  Book
John Duncan, Source Magazine (Irlande) x x  Book
Philippe Durand, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts x  Book
Wilfrid Estève, Hans Lucas x  Book
Clémentine de la Feronnière, Editions Clémentine de la Feronnière x Full
Fetart, association organisatrice du festival Circulation(s) x  x  Book
André Frère, Editions André Frère x x Full
Karen Fromm, HS Hanover – University of Applied Sciences and Arts x x  Book
Dominique Gaessler, éditions Trans Photographic Press x x  Book
Susana Gallego Cuesta, Petit Palais x  Book
Raphaël Giannesini, Explorer x  Book
Xavier Gautruche & Gilles Collignon, OAI13 x  Book
Guillaume Fontaine, Centre Photographique d’Île de France x  Book
Angel Luis Gonzalez, PhotoIreland (Irlande) x x  Book
Roman Härer, PlainPicture x x  Book
Eric Karsenty, Fisheye x x  Book
Verena Kaspar-Eisert, Kunst Haus de Vienne (Autriche) x  Book
Nina Kassianou, Ikastikos Kiklos Gallery Athens x x  Book
Anna-Alix Koffi, Off the Wall x  Book
Patrick Le Bescont, Filigranes Editions x x Full
Eric Le Brun, éditions Light Motiv x  Book
Arnaud Lévénès, La Capsule  x  Book
François-Nicolas L’Hardy, Centre Atlantique de la Photographie – Brest x  Book
Thomas Licek, Eyes On – Month of Photography Vienna (Autriche) x x  Book
Vincent Marcilhacy, The Eyes x Full
Laurent Monlaü, photographe x  Book
Zohra Mokhtari, Grazia x  Book
Mathilde Penchinat, Agence VU’ x Full
Cathy Remy, M le magazine du Monde x x Full
Noémie Richard, NEAR (Suisse) x x  Book
Frédéric Rossi, La Company x  Book
Anne Ruygt, Stedelijk x x  Book
Laura Serani, commissaire indépendante x Full
Stand ANI 1, Association Nationale des Iconographes x x  Book
Stand ANI 2, Association Nationale des Iconographes x  Book
Agata Zubrzycka, Fotofestiwal (Pologne) x x  Book
Frédérique Lajoix, Chef de Service Photo Adjointe – ÇA M’INTÉRESSE HISTOIRE x  Book


Additional information

// Saturday 21th and Sunday 22th of May // 14h-18h // AT7 // Payment by inscription

5 rue Curial 75019 Paris

Start date : 21/05/2016

End date : 22/05/2016