Public Prize

The successful Public Prize is back! It rewards the visitors’ crush among the exposed photographers.

The laureate is designated by any person, from baby to granny, who  has got a ticket allowing to visit the whole festival. To participate, you simply have to tick the name of your favourite photographer on the ballot paper given at the buying of the entrance ticket (cf. rules), and to put it in the urn in the shop.

The laureate wins a residency at CENTQUATRE_PARIS and takes part into the judging panel of the next festival.In order to work successfully, Olympus will provide them with the whole necessary equipment, and Canon with a printer.

Their series will also be published on the websites of Lens Culture and l’Œil de la Photographie.


In 2016, Laurent Kronental and its series Souvenir d’un futur have won the Public prize.

Additional information

Votes: 01/20/2017 – 03/05/2017 (included)

Announcement of the results: between 04/05/2017 and 04/19/2017