Workshop Gaze 2023

 Samedi 29 et dimanche 30 avril 2023

For the first time, Circulation(s) invites Gaze to lead a workshop around images. Gaze magazine is an independent magazine which celebrates female gazes through intimate stories, embodied journalism and lots of photography.

Revolutionize your gaze

How to adopt an embodied writing in his photographic work? How to articulate intimate and political? This workshop is aimed at photographers who are at the start of a new project, and wish to reflect in groups to develop a creation that accurately reflects their link with their subject.

Accompanied by Laura Lafon, artistic photo director and Clarence Edgard-Rosa, director of publication, the participants come to question their gaze and find the means to affirm their identity and their positions in their intimate photographic series.

// This workshop is conducted in French

Additional information

Price · €300 for 2 days 

8 participant max





Start date : 29/04/2023

End date : 30/04/2023