Fetart Academy

Artist residency

In line with the portfolios reviews, the Fetart association, organiser of the Circulation(s) festival, keeps supporting young photographers by helping them to better understand the professional world they are heading to. Since 2014, meetings are organised where photography professionals present their job, their expectancies, or the evolutions of the photo market. In order to bring common preconceptions, and the idealist perception of being a photographer to a close, the best is to hear professionals speak about the realities of this job!

This year, the Fetart Academy tackles photographer residency.

What is a photographer residency? Documenting the territory, which photography for which issues? What kind of experiences for the photographers?

This meeting will be led by Philippe Guionie, art director of résidence 1+2 in Toulouse.


The list of the contributors will be online within 3 weeks.


The contributors:

Fred Boucher, co-directeur artistique de Diaphane, pôle photographique en Picardie
Arnaud Lévénès, responsable photo et des résidences de création à La Capsule, Le Bourget
Le collectif Epectase (Corentin Fohlen, photographe et Jérôme von Zilw, réalisateur)
pour leur résidence en 2015 à l’Oeil urbain, Corbeil-Essonnes
Modération : Philippe Guionie, directeur artistique de la Résidence 1+2 à Toulouse

Additional information

Saturday, February 4th // 14:00 // AT 7 // free and open access

5, rue Curial
75019, Paris

Start date : 04/02/2017