Questioning Borders, Focus Around the Work of Rubén Martín de Lucas


Guest speaker: Rubén Martín de Lucas, photographer exhibited at the Circulation(s) festival, 2019 edition


Through all of his work, including this year’s Minimal Republics at the Circulation(s) festival, Rubén Martín de Lucas mixes performance and photography. He questions borders, their arbitrariness, even their absurdity. What is the meaning and legitimacy of political boundaries? Are they enough to build a nation and a sense of belonging? The artist will explain his artistic approach, and further explore these issues.


Thursday June 13, 2019, from 7.30pm to 9pm, Atelier 7. Free admission.

Presentation by the artist on his exhibited series “Minimal Republics” at the beginning of the conference.

Additional information

Date: June 13th, 2019

Time: conference from 7.30pm, beginning with a presentation by the artist on his exhibited work “Minimal Republics”

Location: Atelier 7, at the Centquatre-Paris

Price : free admission in the limit of available seats

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