Circulation(s) KissKissBankBank


That’s it Kisskiss bankbank is on-line, and we absolutely need you to share it to your professional and personal network.

The collection of this year will serve to finance the catalog of the Circulation(s) Festival edition 2016 + the Photo Studio which will be accesible all the weekends during the duration of the Festival at CENTQUATRE, Paris.

Your mission, if you accept it, will be to make sensitive your professional close friends, your relations and all those who believe in you and the association of which you do not stop of praise the merit.

Numerous compensations will be proposed to them in exchange (catalog, totebag Circulation (s), totebag and T-shirt Agnès b, portrait by an artist in a very very good price, special casket 10years.)

Then in your e-mails, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, your bloggers friends on connected and quite different network which would escape us to share the link KISSKISS BANKBANK.

See you in 2 months to celebrate it!

Robert the Extraterrestrial will accompany us quite far off with this collection with his galactic striptease. Every 2 000 euros were collected, he removes a garment until…
Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

Anne Laure Marie and Delphine (the team of KKBB)

Additional information

Robert the Extraterrestrial accompanies the collection KissKissBankBank on 2016 with a galactic striptease!

Every 2 000€, Robert removes a coat and reveals you his athlete’s body. We look forward to seeing you all, thank you for your support.

(Robert is a creation of BRICE KRUM, selected artist for Circulation(s) 2016)

For more information contact with
Delphine Rodet

Anne Laure Gueret

Start date : 19/01/2016


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