Circulation(s) in the subway !

Until May 29, find in 9 stations of the RATP network, 5 artists of the festival Circulation(s) in a new scenography.

– Walk the streets of the Bolivian capital alongside the shoeshine boys from Federico ESTOL‘s comic book;

– Dream yourself as a star of the R’N’B of the 1990s thanks to the visual universe of Elisabeth GOMES BARRADAS;

– Push the door to a world of deceptive perceptions with Sari SOININEN ;

– Rediscover the “porteuses à tête”, a family tradition from the Togo where Silvia ROSI was born;

– Let history be told with a new eye thanks to Marta BOGDAŃSKA‘s research on the little-known adventures of our animal friends.

38 photographs, exhibited in large format, are to be discovered in the following stations:

–  Hôtel de Ville – Ligne 1

– La Chapelle – Ligne 2

– Montparnasse – Ligne 4 

– Saint-Denis Porte de Paris – Ligne 13

– Madeleine – Ligne 14

– Pyramides – Ligne 14

– Gare de Lyon – Ligne 14

– Charles de Gaulle Etoile – RER A 

– Nation – RER A 


Photos : © Xavier Chibout