Become partner of Circulation(s) festival

To be partner being of Circulation(s) festival, it is to create together a history by answering the objectives and by respecting the strategy of your brand. To support Circulation(s), it is to be as closely as possible to artists and creation.

By becoming partner of Fetart and Circulation(s) festival you support a precise action:

Emergent European artistic creation
A new vision and freedom of expression
The decompartmentalization of culture and an accessibility for everybody
The sharing and the exchange around the photography

A custom-made partnership

Partnership is a means of communication for your company, an strategy element. A way of asserting your interest for your cultural environment and to be where the public does not wait for you. He allows your company to enrich his image by his association in gratifying and useful, general causes of interest.

Circulation(s) festival offers

  • The jury participation
  • An exchange of visibility
  • The privatization of Circulation(s) festival
  • Custom-made events
  • Make live, participate and react your communities
  • An internal communication
  • The Circulation(s) prize in the name of the brand
  • Artist’s residence in the name of the brand

Sponsorship, advantageous tax relief

Sponsorship represents one supports cash, in kind or in skill, brought to a structure, an artistic object or a person working at the general interest. The law of 2003 on sponsorship allows you to deduct 60 % of the sum paid to the Circulation(s). This deduction is applicable to the corporate tax.

Example of sponsorship:

For a support at the level of 70 000 euros, after tax reduction (60 % of the donation deduct) = 42 000, maximal amount of the compensations (25 %) = 17 500 euros, real cost for the company = 10 500 euros

For more details

Delphine Rodet
+33(0) 06 15 11 63 64

Download the partner presentation:

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