VEY Chantal

Any way


2013 -

“Any way” questions the territory in the broad sense of the word, like an elsewhere she explores through walking and traveling; but also in the approach of “the Other” which she calls for to discover his universe. Mobility is a way of being present to the world, to make reality hers and to meet “the Stanger”. In the course of her expeditions and of chance, Chantal Vey invites the people she meets to take her to their favorite place, where she makes their portrait. It is not the value of the photographic testimony that interests her but the narrative aspect that arises from it. Her intention is to reveal this part of intimacy and of the ordinary that is then offered to her.

About the artist

Chantal Vrey lives and works in France and in Belgium. She specialized in photography after studying art history in Lyon and after doing one year of research in Italy in particular. This first residence abroad was decisive and started the practice of traveling, of walking, of the elsewhere. Since then, her artistic career continuously renewed itself through many explorations in China, the USA or Europe where she regularly is part of residency programs, adopting nomadism as a way of working.

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