2014 - Carte blanche Xavier Canonne

As a photographer I am interested in the ambiguity of the spaces we live in as well as the ways we experience them. Each kind of place/space I chose to work in: -museums, offices spaces, the periphery of the city, etc.- has it’s own language, is ruled by it’s own codes.

Battlefield explores an inhabited area off the side of the highway, found on the outskirts of Brussels. The high density of urban networks gradually disintegrate, creating a sense of reality that seems to be slipping out of our hands.

About the artist

I was born in Cambridge (U.K.) in 1977 and brought up mostly in Belgium. After gaining a master’s degree in politics at university and a few years of working experience in the social sector, I decided to change tack and follow an artistic path. The next step was to pursue a master’s degree in photography at La Cambre (Brussels), from which I graduated in 2011.