27 Van Mierisstraat



For two years, Jeanne Tullen lived in The Hague, in the Netherlands.  Every single day, she shuts the door and curtains. She sits at the white table, and looks straight at the camera. She waits, without moving. Outside, in a street called Van Mierisstraat, there is a man and his dog. He is smoking a cigarette as his dog keeps pulling on the leash. The dog grunts, the man walks faster. They are crossing the street. Her eyes staring at the lens, she stays still. In the silence, she waits, her hand contracted on the shutter release. The smoke from the cigarette hurts her eyes. She presses the shutter. The man and his dog are gone. She stands up, walks to the camera, and reactivates it. Sitting at the white table, she starts waiting again.

With the support of the Swiss foundation for culture Pro Helvetia that aims at promoting aspiring photographers.

About the artist

Jeanne Tullen was born in Switzerland in 1990. She studied photography and graduated from the ECAL in Lausanne in 2014. She now studies in Glasgow at the Glasgow School of Arts, in Scotland. In 2015, her work was shown at the Photoforum Pasquart, and part of it was published in magazines, including YET Magazine, European Photography, Desire, and New Erotic Photography.