2017Sélection du jury

For her series Infra–, Rebecca Topakian modified her camera so it would be more sensitive to infra-red light, and to a similar kind of lightning that is invisible to the human eye. As if she was a spy shooting dancers with her camera. She was inspired by photographs taken by hunters during the night. She is hunting for stolen moments when the individuals are simply enjoying the fact of being alive. Their ghostly shapes look like they are coming from the void, only to disappear again.

About the artist

After she studied philosophy and geography at La Sorbonne, Rebecca Topakian entered the ENSP Arles, where she obtained her degree in 2015. Her work was shown in group exhibitions, including during Les Rencontres d’Arles at Agnès B. and at Filles du Calvaire in Paris. In 2016, she exhibited alone at the Centre Culturel Français in Friburg, Germany.