Consumer in Wonderland



“Consumer in Wonderland” takes us to the enchanted world of shopping centres! Their marketing communication portrays them as more than mere shopping places: they claim to be true surreal and exceptional living environments.

Detracting the advertising imagery and transforming the pictures with originality, Leevi Toija deflates it all. He  seeks the malls’ true nature and stresses their unique atmosphere, between boring and saturated. The series also focuses on the mundane aspect of these public spaces and the paradox they present: while immersing us in total anonymity, shopping centres ruthlessly expose us to all eyes.


With the support of Centre Tchèque in Paris

About the artist

Leevi Toija was born in 1998 in Helsinki, Finland. He currently studies photography at the FAMU in Prague. Keen to express a dissenting view on our contemporary society, he focuses on the afflictions of individuals. For this project, Leevi Toija uses a variety of media from moving and still images to the creation of 3D objects.