Le Quart d'Heure Américain


2018 -

Side by side, two bodies, intertwined. To Billie Thomassin, there is only one unique shape continually changing. She immortalises this abstract combination, the position of a silhouette formed by this association. The intimacy of an embrace cannot be entered. The artist built her work around this statement, and wants us to see the embrace like a sculpture. The bodies become an abstract composition meant to be observed. Time stopped, the bodies seem to have disappeared and the faces are never shown.

About the artist

Billie Thomassin was born in France in 1992, she lives and works in Paris. In 2016, she graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris after a curriculum in photo and video. Her photographs are frequently published in fashion magazines. She is now an artistic director and a filmmaker for advertising agencies, clothing or even music labels.