Kraftwerk Jugend / powerplant youth


2013 -

The series he presents shows the process of decline that affects the south-eastern towns of Germany, hit by unemployment and recession. “Kraftwerk jugend” questions the effects of this recession that show in the urban landscape but also in social relations. This approach questions the way young people grow up in these zones where the population grows old and constantly diminishes. Within a year, Daniel Seiffert documented the effects of this urban disintegration on teenagers who sometimes chose a path in life that is radically different from their original environment. His work questions this state of fragility between adolescence and adulthood.

About the artist

Daniel Seiffert was born in 1980 in Berlin, Germany. A photography graduate of the Ostkreuz school, he goes to study political sciences, media sciences and African sciences in Postdam, Germany, Berlin and Lisbon. In 2011 he self-publishes his book Kraftwerk Jugend. Laureate of the prestigious C/O Talents Award and nominated for the FOAM Paul Huf prize, Daniel Siffert lives and works as an independent photographer in Berlin.

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