Blind Spot



Contemporary society gives all States the right to use force or violence through various structures and control systems: police,
armed forces, special services and prisons. This right is exclusive and legitimate. Under closer examination of some aspects of the mechanisms of the powers of the State, we sometimes notice things that go beyond the law, ethics and humanity.

These voids, these blurred areas of law come to light in some countries when the control exerted by society is insufficient. The visual recognition of demonstrators is then replaced by the big data and artificial intelligence, but the repressive nature of these actions remains the same.

In “Blind Spot”, the human body is exposed in all its fragility and vulnerability to a limitless power.

About the artist

Maxim Sarychau is a Belarusian photo-reporter and visual artist born in 1987. He works on long-term projects on the theme of violence of various nature and degrees performed by authoritarian governments or traditional societies. He focuses on the political and human dimensions of collective memory and history.